About “Planet accessible” family project

Our goal is to ensure the free movement of a disabled person from Point A to Point B – wherever that point may be – in their own apartment or in the Amazon jungle.

It just so happened that we needed to build a life for our family based on the fact that one of us cannot move independently. We’ve figured it out and continue to make it work to this day.
At a certain point, we understood that our experience, knowledge, and skills could be useful to other people facing a similar situation.
Travelling in a wheelchair, the development and improvement of rehabilitation equipment and assistive technologies, the in-depth study of legislation, and interaction with the authorities: this is not even close to a full list of the issues we have had and will continue to have to deal with. We have decided to share all of this with you so that we can move forward working together. This is how “Planet accessible” came about and our future plans extend far beyond the planetary horizon.

“Planet accessible” is a family project, and, as such, its personal aspects are inseparable from the societal ones.

That being said, as we develop our family values, our project also continues to grow. Therefore, it is helpful to think of the project in terms of a growing tree in order to illustrate what to expect from the project at each stage of its development.

Project tree
Providing a rich and fulfilling family life, first and foremost for Oleg.
Planet accessible project tree. Stage 1
Drawing public attention to the project and developing an audience (creating a website, social media groups, production of videos).
The gradual involvement of all family members in the work of the project.
Planet accessible project tree. Stage 2
Creation of the “Planet accessible” charitable foundation. Holding socially significant public events under the auspices of the Foundation (drawing attention to the issue of freedom of movement for disabled persons).
Each member of the family choosing an area of involvement that is of most interest to them.
Planet accessible project tree. Stage 3
The delegation of individual areas of work for the Foundation: accessible tourism, rehabilitation equipment and assistive technologies (REAT), accessibility. The creation of infrastructure for each focus area: staff, IT-solutions, documentation.
The areas of work are expanded, branched-out, and intertwined. We are all aware of the value of our work and its importance to people. Things are humming!
Planet accessible project tree. Stage 4
The Charitable Foundation gains financial strength and begins to provide individualised support to specific people: assists in organising barrier-free environments in homes and in neighbourhoods; provides necessary equipment and assistive technologies; organises travel for disabled individuals.
Of course, every project should have a base
For a building this is a foundation; for a tree, it’s the roots. The root system of any charitable foundation is its finances. The more extensive a tree’s root system, the fuller its foliage. The more money a charitable foundation receives, the more people it is able to help.
Planet accessible project tree. Roots and flowering
The financial basis of our project is generated from private donations. Each of your donations waters our project’s tree and gives it the strength to grow and develop.

Together we are strong.If you like the work we are doing, then help our project. By doing so, our tree is sure to bear fruit.

Planet accessible project tree. Donation and fruits